2008-07-25 = 9 month = 4 ever?

To my daughter Linnea Sunxue Erika Sömberg

In the late evening
Thoughts are running through my mind
So many nights of tears and sorrow
So many wishes for a new life
Never completely understanding
What a child can do to you
So many times we’d ask
Why do we have to wait?
Why can’t we conceive?

Now we know the answer
It so simple

A woman, a man and a tragedy
And our happiness
So unfair and so wonderful the world is
I look at you and feel
So great full
For the greatest gift of all
A child to love and care fore
Wanted for so long
Grown in our hearts

Now we know the answer
It so simple

Our miracle we say
Our beloved daughter!
Still I get a little surprised
I have a daughter!
I am a mother now!
Forever a family
Bound together by love
We chose and were chosen
All three of us!

Now we know the answer
It so simple

YOU were the answer!
YOU were the one we were waiting for!
Beautiful little girl!
My little star!
How could I ever live without you!

Thank you for coming in to our lives!
I love YOU!

Written 2008-07-22 by your mother

2 thoughts on “2008-07-25 = 9 month = 4 ever?”

  1. Sikken en smuk tekst – man blir helt fyldt op indeni med glæde……….dejligt…:-)
    ha en forsat dejlig dag……….Hils Familien….Henriette

  2. Hello everybody!
    I was moved to read your poem Mette and I count it a privilege to have been a small link in this beautiful chain. I only wish Nat could have lived to see it. Love to you all

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