This is fun!

I just love to make new friends all over the world, but the best is to meet them!

And that is what’s going to happen! In May Doris, Oleg & Little Elin will come to Copenhagen and they will bring Alexandra, Olegs mother who I last met in Gomel, Belarus in 1993!!!! It is 4 years since we met with Oleg & Doris (pregnant with Elin) here in our home. Unfortunately haven’t we been in Switzerland since 2002! I really look forward to meet them and for the first time our children and mothers too!

In June we have a visit from “down under” – Australia! David & Sharon will come here!!!! I’m not sure when we last met in Copenhagen but it was before Hans (11 years!)  They will bring the children Alex & Nik with them for the first time. Davids father emigrated from Denmark to Australia. He and my father were friends!
The first time David and I met we were children and I couldn’t speak English…. I really look forward to welcome them in our home!

In July our new friends from The Netherlands (Holland) will visit Sweden and us! They have 2 Chinese children. Jet and I met on a Yahoo group for families with children from Nanning! This is just so fantastic! I can’t say how much I like this meeting new people from all over the world!

I have also been in contact with a French family with a Chinese girl and ofcourse the Wagner family in the states, our Chinese family in Nanning and Grand ma Brenda in Scotland!! When I dream about winning loads of money (gamling? – which we never do) I dream of traveling around the world to meet you all! I want Linnea to be a citizen of the world! (but never move away from her mother!!!!)

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