A best friend!

Linnea has now been in daycare for 4,5 months and she loves it! To day (Sunday) she wanted to go too! The kinder garden is divided into 3 groups: The bumble bee – Linneas group with 1-3 years old children. The ant also 1-3 years and The little snail: 3-6 years old children. They interact a lot so every one knows each other.

One of the girls in Linneas group has a brother in the older childrens group and one day when their mother drove home with the children, the boy talks about all his friend and whom his best friend is. Suddenly Mathilda says: My best friend is Linnea! She turning 3 years in June and she makes my heart sing!!!!

Now these two little girls (one very blond like most Swedish children and one black haired girl) goes around saying “your my best friend” all the time!

This is so cute! They talk together, run and play together and smiles when ever they meet! And gets sad when if the other is sick and doesn’t come to the kinder garden!

What more can a mother wish for?

PS New photos in the gallery – here!

3 thoughts on “A best friend!”

  1. Hej Skat.
    Yes, it is so good to have “my best friend” – I will be glad to see them this Sunday, when Linnea holding birthday for the kindergardengirls.
    Give my little friend, my Linnea, a hug from her mormor. I love her 🙂
    Knus fra mor.

  2. That’s so cute! Looked at your new pictures; really had to laugh when I saw Linnea with the phone, bag and pushing the stroller! LOL

  3. Hi!!
    Loved the photos! Birthday present may be a bit late. I have my Belgian friends staying with me for ten days- weather typically scottish- that’s why the scenery is so beautiful!! :o)
    Love to you all!

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