2:nd week – 2:a veckan

So first week of my new life/diet went well, the second……not!

I used to like to cook but over the years food has become an issue for me so now Hans cooks a lot – he likes to try new things and up to 99% of the time it’s really good.

Last sunday he got a fever and did not eat much until Thursday – and I had to cook….meaning I eat a lot while I cook and less of the food when it’s ready. I also turn to dishes I know how to make and had both potatoes and white bread… this led to wanting more carbon hydrates, the spring sun was warm and my “sweet-love” were screaming ICE CREAM NOW! So I did eat ice cream and that led to candy, cola and chips…… finally my stomach got upset again, I became more angry and of course head ache!

I was amazed how quickly I felt better with the low carbon hydrate food – but even more amaze how fast I was feeling bad again and how fast the weight goes in the wrong direction +1,5 kg in one week!!

So now I’ve started again yesterday – I have to cut of as much carbon hydrates off my food as possible…..

And the weight….. take a look here.

The more I see on TV, Videos, DVD etc I know I want to be able to DANCE on my 40 birthday – in 3 years…. I used to dance a lot and I do hope to start going to Line Dance with a friend or two in the fall!

Well take a look on these 2 dance videos on You Tube.

Evolution of dance (Has been viewed more than 11 million times!!!)

Evolution of dance 2

Sorry I haven’t time to write this i Swedish too.

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  1. What a day! Did eat yoghurt with 5g carbon hydrate/100g that is ok the limit is 5/100 but later I ate pizza left overs from yesterday and emptied the grape fruit juce (I’m the olny one who drinks it) and now my stomach is sooooooo upset! I feel like blowing up any minute! 🙁 Hopefully I’ll feel better later to day! I i’m sure to better or nothing as it is now! //Mette

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