New photos & films

I’ve uploade new photos and films

Linnea went with me too school and to a bowlinggame. Photos are here

Linneas birthday


Film 1 (On Sathurday 28th we had a party for both Linnea and me in the morning and also in the afternoon.)

Film 2 (28th)

Film 3 (29th is Linneas birthday so we had one more party in the morning)

Film 4 (and one party with friends from kinder garden in the afternoon.)

On the 5th of April we went to Cirkus Olympia, here you can see the photos.

During our Easter holiday we went to Denmark for a couple of days! Photos are here

Friends visiting from Denmark 2 days ago. Photos are here

6 thoughts on “New photos & films”

  1. I just had to change the top image to these Danish flags: Dannebro. After 10 years in Sweden I still think Dannebro is the most beautiful fag in the World 🙂

  2. God Nat Mette.
    Så skulle jeg i seng, men du havde lagt film og fotos på, så min dyne måtte vente. Dejligt at se selvom jeg kendte nogle af dem. De kan jo ikke ses for tit !!!!!!!!!
    Så nu er det God Nat og sov godt.
    Kærlige knus fra mor / mormor.

  3. Hello everybody!
    I just loved the photos! Linnea is getting so big! I am thrilled when I

  4. Oups!! I made a mistake! ;o) I am thrilled when I see how happy she is! All that for a few pounds a month! Glad you liked the presents. Mette and Hans you seem to be doing a great job of being parents.
    Love Brenda

  5. Dear Brenda!
    I’m very – we are very happy that you still want to be a part of our life!!! For us you’re just as important now as you were when you payed those pounds a month!

    We try to do our best for Linnea!


    Love Mette

  6. Hej Brenda.

    How nice of you to be a part of my “childrens” famely. I have heard so much about you, and I have seen all the present to Linnea, Mette and Hans – and thank you very much for the calender to me. I have often a dream to visit Scotland,it looks so beautifull, maybee a day – holiday – with my little dearest famely.
    Linnea is my lovly little grandchild – grandmoms “Bisse” 🙂 (rough)
    Many regards from Lise – (Linneas grandmom.)

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