Why? Why? Why?

A question we hear 1000 times a day! Everything we say is questioned by Linnea with a why?

And we explain… and she says: Why?
Sometime she comes with more than just why?

For example:

Why are you my mother?

Dad and I wantet a gril – a Chinese girl!
Becaus I couldn’t have a baby in my stomac but instead we could have you!

Why was I in your stomac?

You were in you China-moms stomac.
Because all children start their lives in a moms stomac.

Why didn’t I drink milk from your brests?

I could not get any milk in my brests.
It didn’t work.
I don’t know. But when we got you in China you didn’t want milk, you wanted water or tee. You were no a baby.

Why are you married?

We are married because we love each other.
Why is no all marries? (Linnea language – sometimes she misses words or how it ends!)
You don’t have to – but we had to other wise we couldn’t adopt, so we had to be married to get you!
I would have been sad Linnea answers!
We would have been sad to! We wanted you! I said!

One day Linnea was a little sad and mumbled something about Mormor (my mother) and I asked her: Do you miss mormor? YES.
And a little after – like she was thinking: I just love her! Then we picked up the phone and rang mormor in Denmark!

Our little prinsess is a very caring little person! And she thinks a lot! She often says: I’m glad! or I love my kinder garden!

The other day at kinder garden she said: I was in the stomac in China then mom and dad came for me!

What a miracle that we got her! Our Linnea Sunxue Erika Sömberg 🙂

In the photo from left:

Linnea & Elin her friend from Swizerland, Linnea reading her small books out on the deck, Linnea & Mormor, Linnea & Mathilda at Kinder garden.


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