Holiday 2009 part 1

On Sathurday Hans got an idea: Why not leave sooner than Thursday? So we started to call some people:

  1. Jet in The Netherlands
  2. My mom
  3. The dog pention
  4. My mom again
  5. Jet again
  6. The cat sitter

These phonecalls ended up in packing all night on Saturday and we left home on Sunday at lunchtime to drive to Copenhagen. In the afternoon we went to Tivoli a big favorite of Linnea and on Monday at lunchtime we left for Germany and The Netherlands.

We arrived in Hardenberg, The Netherlands at 22 o`clock Monday night! Linnea was fantastic on the whole trip even though she asked many times when we’ll bee there! The ferry was a hit and she slept for 2 hours, perfect when we arrived so late.

Jet & Henk had prepared 2 rooms for us, one for Linnea and my mom and one for Hans and me.

Yesterday we went on sightseeing while Jet & Henk were working. We saw the mill in Ommen and went on a boat trip on the canals in Geithoorn. We had a very warm and sunny day.

Today we’ll be on tour with Jet and the children to a small “museeum” village, where we’ll be aple to see Dutch hand craft and a park where we have to go through a tunnel to get up in the hights where there is a beautyful view.

I am taking a lot of photos because I got a new camera on Sunday morning, a small model easy to bring with you. Check it out here!

Now I hear Jet and the children so soon we’ll be eating breakfast! I’m hungry!

Have a great day!

/Mette on holiday with my hunband, my daughter and my mom!

3 thoughts on “Holiday 2009 part 1”

  1. Hi folks!!
    Have a great holiday! Hope the weather is better than in Scotland!!! Love to you all.

  2. Ha en jätte skön semester!

    Kramar till er alla,

    Eva, Johan, Matilda och Amanda

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