2 Years to day!

2 years ago we were in China thinking we had made our whorst mistake to take a little girl away from everything she’d ever known!

To day we know it was the best thing we ever did!

2 years is a lifetime for Linnea, but only a small part of our lives!

Finally it feels like we’re in the right place, we are the family we want to be!

To day all 3 of us are a solid unit, like we have been together forever! Even though we sometimes forget Linneas origin we’ll always have China in our hearts!

We will never be able to understand how it could be so right, but we are forever greatfull for having her in our lives!

Never for a minute do we believe that we could have done it better our self, never a minut of sorrow for not having a new born baby and never do we wish to get a biological child! We are so happy now! After years of sorrow and despair, joy and fustration we are now at the desitnation we set off for in July 1998. I has been a long trip but to day looking at Linnea it was all worth while!

We have celebrated the day with presents for Linnea: New clothes and a keybord. I have had it for a long time, and I’ve seen Linnea look at childrens keybords in the shops. So today she got it!

We also went to the cinema in Hässleholm to see Curious George and we ate at a Chinese restaurant.

Photos from to day:



She was so happy that she started to dance…..  If you can’t see it on Youtube – download it here, 32 Mb






I have made a small film to selebrate this day. If you can’t watch it here, you can download it here. (85 Mb)

One thought on “2 Years to day!”

  1. Kære Linnea, Mette og Hans.
    Et kæmpe TIL LYKKE til min dejlige familie på denne mærkedag / familiedag.
    Ingen kan være i tivl om, hvad I føler for jeres datter. Det er kærlighed af 1. klasse !!! og jeg forstår det 100 nej 200 % Og så skal du, Mette, ha’ megen ros for det, du her har gjort.
    At I rejste til Kina for 2 år siden og havde Linnea med hjem, det har beriget mit liv utroligt 🙂 TAK !
    Kærlige knus fra Mormor.

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