Finally I feel proud again! Proud of being me! You may wonder what I’m talking about! So let me explain:

My over weight has always made me feel small, made me want to hide. My jobs in customer service is a job many people can do with out any education! When I had a job as web assistant I finaly could do things not every one could, but my coworkers didn’t belive it and in the end neather did I.

I started on my education, and my head had to work again. We had mathematics and it was fun! I did good! But still it was hard to learn so much new!

Now I’ve been sugarfree as I like to call it! I haven’t eaten sugar (carbonhydrates) for 79 days! And what a different it makes!

I can feel my self again, I recognize ME the ME I once was! I found a person who is glad, hard working, and most of all I’m doing good in school!

So I’m very proud! Proud of who I am! Proud of the good results in school! Proud of being sugarfree! I feels so good to be back!!

One thought on “Proud!”

  1. Good morning Mette.
    It is now 6.30 and I will go to Sweden – Falsterbo for seeing birds.
    And I will go like a proud mother, becouse I know you 🙂 very well.
    TIL LYKKE skat, som sagt er jeg helt bestemt også stolt, og det må vi godt begge være.
    Godt gjort datter – jeg tror/ved at din far ville ha’ været mest stolt !!

    Kærlige knus fra din mor.

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