Presents from China

Today came a parcel from China. Linneas foster family send her some local handcraft and she was very happy.

I told her it was from her foster mom & foster dad and she said: It’s from my family!! I answered: Yes it’s from your Chinese family! They took so good care of you until we came to pick you up! So we are family now!

We opened the parcel in the kitchen and left the things there when we went to eat. When Linnea almost was in bed she ran to the kitchen: My China things! And she brought all of them to her room. Tomorrow she’ll bring some of them to kinder garden to show her friends!

Thank you Huang Guang Shun & Zhang Yun Zhi it was very kind of you to think of Linnea – I felt that she felt she was special to resieve  a parcel from you!!

Here comes some pictures – click on them to enlarge!

PS Doesn’t she look big on these pictures? I’ll never stop being amazed by this miracle girl – my daughter!

One thought on “Presents from China”

  1. Men vad fantastiskt underbart. Finns inte ord nog hur fint det måste vara med den ovärderliga kontakten.
    Kram på er

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