Valde died this morning

A little while ago we got the sad news that Valde went to sleep last night and the vet checked up on him during the night, but he never woke up this morning!

We have to be gratefull that he was found and died in a warm bed with carring people around him. But it’s very hard to understand that he’s gone and I’ll never get to touch and hug him again! He was the kindest and best dog you could ever want!  He was too weak and too old to cope!

He was born in Denmark and now he returned. His final resting place will be my in laws garden in Denmark! He was the first dog for both Hans and me.

Valde was born 1998-06-18 and died 2010-01-03

RIP my friend!

You are forever in my heart!

6 thoughts on “Valde died this morning”

  1. Kære alle fire.
    Det var meget trist at høre, at Walde døde.
    Men, som Du selv skriver, var det godt at han blev fundet og døde i gode omgivelser, og han har haft et godt liv.
    Men der vil blive tomt derhjemme uden ham i lang tid fremover.
    Mange kærlige hilsener fra

  2. Åhh mina tårar rinner här på mina kinder. Mina tankar finns hos er. Många många kramar

  3. Oh no, Mette….. I’m so very sorry! We can’t imagine he’s not with you anymore… We are thinking of you all!!!! This is such sad news!!!!

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