Valde has been found!

We just got a phone call telling us that Valde was found in a forrest quite a bit from my parents in laws house! Now they are on the way to the veterinary to get him check! He was very weak and didn’t seem to react to his “grand parents”. He probably needs water!

Now we’ll wait for news from the veterinary, they might keep for some day! We just hope he is strong enough to cope it, he was gone for more than 50 hours!


3 thoughts on “Valde has been found!”

  1. He was found 8-9 km from their home in a forrest called Bognæs Skov! The vet said his circulation was fine and kept him for observation! The vet will call back in some hours and then we’ll know more!!!
    I’m so greatfull that he was found! A big thank you to the people that called the police!

  2. Gudskelov!

    Vilken rysare det har varit. Hoppas han återhämtar sig fint!
    Hoppas att ni kan ta det lugnt i Spanien nu i vetskapen att Valde är i säkerhet. Köp inget hus som jag inte skulle ha köpt!


    Eva, Johan, Matilda och Amanda och Pompe skickar en svansviftnig speciellt till Valde.

  3. Hej Mette! Åhh vad glad jag blir för er skull.
    Hoppas ni kan njuta av er resa nu och det blir något hus åt er.
    Många kramar Rosie och grabbarna

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