What now?

Well, I’m in between jobs at the moment 😉 and I have applyed for some jobs, met with a coach, I resieve emails from jobsites where I made a search profile! I also attended a meeting about starting my own business and my mind is spinning!

The thought of an own company has resulted in www.missfelia.com my own little shop on the internet where I will try to sell my handmade jewelry and small paintings. I actually have sold one painting 😉 and I’m far from done with the site. I need to take good pictures of the jewelry to show them on the site, so please have som patience with me there!

In a few minutes I will post an application for a job in Helsingborg, not about automation, but about the Internet! This is certainly a job for me! Updating homepages and writing for the internet, that’s me in a nutschell! So wish med luck!

Well our summer has been all about renovation in the kitchen and painting the house outside. The kitchen we did our selfs, but the painting was too big a job so we hired a company to do it, I must say it looks good!  They are almost done!

That leaves us with a clean up task – windows have been emptied and some need new curtains. The conservatorie has also been painted and I would like to redecorate everything there.

Well I could write so much more but I need to get ready to pick up Linnea at her kindergarden in half an hour. We’re driving to town this afternoon to visit my old school and say hallo to a friend and a teacher.

Have a nice day!

2 thoughts on “What now?”

  1. Jag håller fingrar och tår för att du skall få jobbet i Helsingborg. I annat fall vet jag att du har bra andra ideér. Det var kul att ha er här förresten. Krama Linnea från Matilda speciellt! De hade jätte roligt!

  2. Kære Mette.
    Det må være dejligt at I har fået alt det lavet ved huset.
    Jeg ønsker Dig held og lykke med Din jobsøgning.
    Kærlig hilsen til Jer alle 3,

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