4 years

Where did the time go?

4 years are a long time, and a short time too. On the one hand I can’t understand that we have been parents for 4 years on the other hand, hasn’t Linnea been with us always?

Every year I look back to make a photo movie, and I’m amazed how much Linnea is developing, intellectual, social and in any other way.

Some of the biggest events this year has been:

  • Loosing 2 teeth
  • Got her ears pierced
  • Being on holiday in Denmark in grandma’s summerhouse without mom and dad
  • Riding a camel in a circus
  • Being on holiday to Greece
Normally we would have taken the day off today, but I’m at a new job and it’s important to be there because I want to stay there more than the 3 months I was promised. So on Saturday we will celebrate our 4th family day and our 10th wedding anniversary (Thursday) with my mother, one of Linneas best friend and her family. First we’re going bowling and then we’ll eat at an Asian restaurant.
Tonight she’ll get her present!
Well no more “talking” now, here comes the 2011 video with music is “My wish” by Rascall Flats. Enjoy!
Download/watch the video here if you can’t see it on YouTube!

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