24 hours!

In 24 hours are we on the plane waiting for takeoff! (9 pm Swedish time).

I suppose we are ready, and still it’s a bit unreal – we ARE going back after 5 years!

Hans has the day off tomorrow, Linnea will only attend school, no day care and I will work till 2:30 pm. (14:30)

Yesterday I asked Linnea what was the most exciting about the trip, and her answer was sightseeing and shopping – my girl! I said I looked forward to see the hotel too, and the food. Finally we agreed on it’s just plain exciting all of it!

With this picture from last week, the duck pond and our church, we greet you all!


One thought on “24 hours!”

  1. JA JA JA – Vi hænger snart deroppe – og jeg forstår det næsten heller ikk 🙂
    Vi ses Skat “om lidt” knus fra Mormor 🙂

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