7th of December

With only a few hours left of this December 7th, I felt like writing a little.

Time is an odd thing!

Today I have been living 21 years with a father and 19 with out.

19 years ago we were planning a funeral and preparing the first Christmas with out my father. It was a peaceful time, cause my father had been sick for quite a while.

5 years later, in 1998 this day, Hans and I were celebrating 6 months as an engaged couple. We were about to celebrate our first Christmas together, and our last while living in Denmark. We also had our first Christmas with a dog in the family.

I don’t feel old, but I do feel that I was very young in 1993, way to young to loose my father. In 1998 I had grown so much older. But thinking of us back in 1998 I do feel we were young too. We had so many dreams, and such little knowledge of what was waiting for us. I think the only thing I was sure of, was that we belonged together, now and forever!

Many things have happened on the way from then to now. Many changes but the constant is our love to each other. It’s our foundation and it’s solid.

I feel that the red thread from my childhood, to my youth, our marriage, us becoming parents and up til now is LOVE. I grew up with lots of love, I live in love with Hans and we pass it on to Linnea.

Now Christmas is coming up. Hans and I are celebrating our 15th Christmas together. Only 2 of 15 has been celebrated in Denmark. 12 in Sweden and now our 15th will be celebrated in China.

I have had many fantasies of how my life would turn out, but never had I thought that it could be this amazing, I just wish my father could have shared some of these happy moments with us. That he had met Hans and Linnea, that he had been here in my wonderful old home.

Well I think he keeps an eye on us from where ever he is.


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