Day 1 arrived

We are in China!!!!!

The fight was long but we did manage to sleep for about 3 hours. Linnea slept on the floor for 4,5 hours but she has been good.

There are so many cars in Beijing – about 7 millions to the 23 millions living here and even though we took the highway we nerver really got to drive faster than 50km/h.

Our guide is James, he speaks good english. We are 14 in our groupe. The age is from 30+ to 70+ with only child, Linnea!

James had a little surprise for us, he said we’re checkning out on friday the 28th not the 27th. Tomorrow, he will figure out what’s the right date.

We got 2 rooms on the 4th floor with a door in between. Nice rooms! Nice beds not too hard.

If we go to the basement of the hotel we’re in The World Trade mall. There we forund a Hallo Kitty shop. Very expensive.

We also found a restaurant with good chinese food.

Photos will come tomorrow, we’re too tired now and will go to bed! It’s 9:12 pm now and tomorrow we have sightseeing starting 8:30 am just after breakfast.

The temperature was -5 C today and it started snowing this evening.

So good night and take care!

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