Day 3 more sightseeing

So much to see!
Our day starts at 6 am then breakfast at at 8:30 am we’re off. Back at 4 pm and off again at 5 or 6 pm.

On day 3 we went to
Guojizian (The Imperial College)
The lama tempel
A pearl factory/shop
Summer palace
Acrobat show

It’s so amazing and I love it here. But mostly I love to see Linnea enjoying her self. She looks and she listens. We translate and she is very intrested. Ofcourse she also runs around, climbs and make fun. She has done some shopping too: 4 small masks, 2 bracelets with pearls, and a doll.

She loved the carobats, they were amazing.

We have 2 rooms with a door inbetween so we can visit eachother.

Today,day 4 ( it’s 3:10 am now) we’re going to see more and also get a little time off to do some shopping in the hutong shops.

We still don’t know if we’re going home on the 27th or the 28th but we want that extra day. I could stay for several days extra!

The weather is COLD!!!!!! We have had at least -10 C and sunshine. But also some wind.

Tonight it should be down to -16C they say and that would be the coldest in 10 years at this time a year!!!!

Well I’ll go back to bed now!

Photos will have to wait it takes a lot of time but eventually I’ll update both the gallery and Facebook!

Sweet dreams!

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