Day 4

Our day started at the temple of heaven. It was freezing cold and sunshine.

We saw people practising tai shi and qi gong, some were dancing, playing cards or other games.

Next stop was the silk factory and after that we went to the hutongs for lunch.

After lunch we got a trip in rickshaws and visited a family living in the hutong.

Final stop was the drum and the bell tower and a tea ceremony

Back at the hotel for a quick stop before we went with the metro one stop to visit a mall. But malls are expensive!

Back at the hotell at 8 pm and so tired.

Tomorrow we’re off to the Wall.

Now I will brush my teath and go to sleep!

2 thoughts on “Day 4”

  1. Önskar er en riktigt GOD JUL.
    Är trevligt att läsa hur ni har det på andra sidan jordklotet. Skall bli spännande att se kort därifrån sen. Ha de bra allihopa!

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