Day 5 Christmas eve

Merry Christmas every one!

Our day started with a drive to Badaling and the great wall. Hans and Linnea walked far and high while my mom and I didn’t. My knees don’t like the cold -22 C during the night to the 24th and very cold during the day too.

After the wall we went to a cloisonne factory had lunch and saw how they made the wases. The biggest we saw had a pricetag: 2.000.000 Yuan!!

From there we went to the Ming grave and the spirits way.

Finally through the chaotict city trafic to the restaurant where we had the Peking Duck dinner with a show. Linnea was thrilled by the show.

Back home after almost 12 hours and very tired.

Now it’s 8 am and we just woke up. Today we will take the metro to the pearl market and the toy market.

We heard that the SAS plane from CPH last night was cansled. And we want to stay here longer!!!!! We are to go home on the 27th. The only things I miss from home is Tindra and my pillow!!!

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