Day 6 shopping

Yesterday on Christmas day we took the subway to the Pearl market and back. The price is 2 Y/ person for one way (2kr) and as long as you don’t leave the subway you can travel as long as you like all over Beijing.

But it’s croweded. About 5.000.000 people take the subway each day!!

We bought a lot of things. Pictures later.

The chinese are very intrested in Linnea . She has her tag saying she only speaks Swedish and Danish not Chinese. And they tell us she is very beautiful and lucky (that she got good parents). I keep telling them we are lucky to have her!
One man said we ( China and us) made connections and thanked us.

Linnea is Linnea meaning she is no different from home. She behaves no different here than on any other holiday we have been on.

We have talked about her birth parents once and she thinks they are dead. And we don’t know. She told the other guests in our group she is from here and she has 3 set of parents. That’s it.

And today we’re going to the zoo and do a little shopping. Tomorrow at 11:30 we’re leaving the hotel.

Times’ fly and we really look forward to come back to China again. Next time Nanning and Guangxi and for a longer time.

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