Thoughts 96 days before take off!

For me holiday almost always is equal to gain weight so with one month holiday coming up I have been wondering how it will turn out now that I am close to my first goal. I was thinking like this:
“It would be really sad to gain weight in China……HEY!!!!!! What if I lost weight in China and came home even lighter and in better shape than I left?”
The mind is a funny thing playing games with us. Since those thoughts I feel so much more confident that I will be OK in China and after returning home.
Today I also promised my self that I will enjoy every day until departure, live every day to the fullest while counting down, but also in China, and I am so happy we have planed to have many days to digest every meeting, every sight, every sound, every smell – every thing!

Today I have this warm feeling inside, knowing that there are people on the other side of Earth caring for us, longing for our arrival. It is the feeling of gratitude for being ME, being the one that get to experience this adventure with my daughter, my husband and my mom! It is the feeling of excitement,  joy, wonder,  nervousness, butterflies in the stomach, happiness and LOVE!


One thought on “Thoughts 96 days before take off!”

  1. Hej Skat.
    Det er nemlig rigtigt – nyd hver dag inden vor utrolige rejse. Vi kunne jo grave et dybt hul -helt ned til kineserne på den anden side af Jorden og smug kikke.
    Og det er da også rigtigt, hvorfor øge vægten i Kina, nu vil den jo nedad, er på vej 🙂
    Og det er også så utroligt dejligt at vide, at mennesker på den anden side af Jorden venter på os og glæder sig til at gense især Linnea, så jer og sikkert også lidt mig hi hi – spændende – og nu er der så kun 95 dage tilbage . Åh hvor de blafrer nede i maven
    🙂 Masser af kærlige knus fra din Mor !

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