Travel fever

With 5 days to go I surely got travel fever this weekend.

The mood has been down, the nervousness up!

We have know about this trip for more than 6 years. We have been planning and booking since February this year.

I have been the travel agent and I have loved it. I just took a look of my fist post about this trip – here – and I saw the photos! I have said it before and I will say it again! I can’t believe how fortunate I am to get to see all of this and to meet so many nice people!

It is a big “thing” traveling back. It is important that it will be a wonderful experience for all of us, and I know I have done the best I can planning it!

So why these nerves? Why bad mood, light headache and an up side down stomach feeling?

Well, I am big! I sometimes forget how big I am. My mind think I can do stuff but my body tells me otherwise.

So my mind is full of questions like:

  • Will my back hurt after carrying the suitcases?  (Probably not they have wheels….)
  • Will I fit in the chair in the plan?
  • Will the seat belt be able to reach around me?
  • Will my feet be able to carry me around all day every day?
  • What will I miss because I have to take a break while the others walk along?
  • What impact does my heaviness have on my family on the trip?
  • Will I get mood swings from the food?

Well, I know I can’t answer all of these question but what I can do is start work on the mood and the feelings I have – right now!

First step is to write here!

Next step is to decide a deadline for this down-mood! I have done it before and it works when you decide to let go! I feel I’m in a bit of a hurry, and I want to be able to sleep longer than to 4:30 am so I will put the deadline to after my shower today  – in a few minutes!

Third step is that I will get things done on my to do list and do things that makes me feel good, like tonight Line Dance class!

Off the shower to wash off this travel fever….


One thought on “Travel fever”

  1. Go’ morn’ Skat.

    Det er klart, at jo nærmere vi kommer afrejsen, så kan rejsefeberen og andre tanker dukke op, men Mette, du har gjort et KÆMPE stykke arbejde for os alle fire og for mange mennesker i Nanning, så glæd dig, som jeg også ved du gør.

    Jeg vil hjælpe dig alt hvad jeg kan – i Kina – hvis du har behov for det, så vi skal nok få den rejse, vi netop har ventet på i 6½ år.
    Du kommer ikke til at være alene, hvis “andre” oplever noget andet !!!!! for vi har hinanden !!!!

    Masser af kærlige knus fra din MOR 🙂

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