12-13th of October Guiyang

Have to say that the internet here sucks! It goes on and off all the time. I am lucky to be on FB for maybe 10 minutes or messenger. Hans who has been reading a book all night says it works ok between midnight and 2 pm….

So I´m sorry to say that the photos will come later in a seperate post. Getting them from my phone to the iPad uses WiFi and even that my phone is used as a hotspot, the phone needs internet.

Yesterday we went to a market were they sold a lot of stuff. I bought a dragon necklace and we bought a caligraphy set to practice Chinese caracters on.

We ate at a food court. The food is wery spicy and the meat is almost invisible. If I live of 10% carbs at home, I ive of 90% carbs here. Rice, noodles and potatoes.

In the afternoon we went to Jet & Henks appartment. Then out to eat and back to bed. Linnea slept over with Robin & Norah.

Today we went to the Monkey Mountain here in the city. We took a cable car up, 2 in each, or the 3 kids took one, my mom and one and finally Henk & Hans one.

Then we walked down, fed the monkeys. When they first came close to see if we had something to eat Norah came and took y hand, then Robin came an stood next to uss and fially Linnea behind me, hanging on my back. – Or that was what I though, Linnea stood in front of me and a monkey sat on my shoulder!!!

Hans and my mom took photos, and I stood still as a rock.

We met some other white people, Americans and I had a nice chat with the woman. The we visited the tempel, and here we were allowed to take som photos of the big golden Buddhas. When we went in – not stepping on the high door step – then munk hit a giant ion pot with a wooden stick an the ringing sound was so beautiful. In the temple shop my mom a I bought a CD with some soft tone music

We walked all the way down and went in to some small shops. My mom and I bought 2 scarfs and I an umbrella – black on the inside – for sunshine proctection.

The back in a taxi – 10 minutes 10 RMB. Henk went to do some work and Jet came over. We all – except Henk went to shop a little in the center. I found a cool looking “leather” jacket for Linnea and she looks so good in it! It was not chap – 338 RMB and Linnea payed 50 RMB of her own money.

She is talking a loft of English and now says she is better than mormor!

Here in Guiyang there is so many cars! I Nanning there were more scooters and trees. That makes our throats go dry and hurt a bit in the evening.

The people here cough and spit on the street all the time, something we never saw in Nanning. The sound are LOUD. The trafic honking the horn all the time, the cars, high voulume music in the shops and in busses, and people talk very loud.

Tomorrow we are off to the waterfall. A wan will pick us up at 7:45 am. Henk and Norah will come with us. It will take 2-3 hours to get there, do hope it is worth it!

We finsihed the evening in the Flora Plaza. On the -1 floor there is a restaurant called Grandmas kitchen serving western food. The food and service were good, but i took ages to get the food and it came little by little like when you order 5-6 disches of Chinese food. A bit boring not to be able to eat together.

The bus is 1 RMB pr person over 130 cm, so we took a taxi home. My feet are so tired now – I beat my record again with almost 11000 steps!!!

Now lets see if I can post this – and crawl in to my bed that I slept so good in last night!

Well didn’t work in Guiyang now trying at The Giggling tree.

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