15-16th of October

Wednesday was our last day in Guiyang. We spend most of it at a foster home called The Ark House and is run by at Dutch/Belgian couple and their 3 sons. They have 12 kids at the moment and they made a big impression on us. B that so much wishes for a family of his own. J that will be adopted soon and just is too cute – like a little Emil from Lönneberga, a little guy in a santa outfit, the bigger children…. all of them very special!

Also they have a Golden Retriever that was so happy to see us that it peed on the floor.

Then we went home to pack and finally out for dinner at a really Chinese place with lots of people and noice and VERY hot food.

Since I got the Chinese Throat Cold I was so tired that I slept before 10pm. The alarm was set to 4:30 am and taxis ordered to pick us up at 5:30.

Jet, Henk, Robin and Norah met us to say good buy, and I wonder when we will meet again! I am use to see them at least once a year.

It is wonderful to see these 3 chidren that met for the first time in the summer 2009 now communicates in English and they are such good friend!

This morning I woke up at 3:30 am so I was a bit tired when we raced to the airport in 2 taxis. There was no traffic! We arrived in the airport at 6 am and were supposed to take of at 7:50 but the plane was delayed to 11.15 and we lifted at 11:45.

A mini van were waiting for us at Guilin airport and drove us here to the Giggling Tree in 1 hour.
and it is JUST as I expected! So peacefull and the air is so clan! Our house has an own intrance with a room downstairs and one upstairs. Linnea and mormor have 2 big beds upstairs and Hans and I have a small doublebed downstairs. Linnea screamed WAUUUU when she saw the room!

It is so beautifull here. At the moment I am sittitng outside in the courtyard writing.

My next post will be a photo post – all the photos that I couldn´t upload in Guiyang! Here the internet is great!

Also I want to thank you for all your comments! We really like to read them so pleace keep them comming.

4 thoughts on “15-16th of October”

  1. So happy you’re all having a wonderful trip over there. I only wish we had put the giggling tree into our itinerary too when we were in China early this year. I looked at Linda’s photo on the Guangxi site….and they looked fabulous and such a beautiful and different place to stay. Looking forward to hearing all your news about it. I hope you feel much better Mette.

  2. Glad to see the Internet in Giggling Tree is working good. Looking forward to read your posts of GT. If you see the owners of GT, give them our warm greetings. And maybe you can ask how YanYan is doing? I think he is now around 10 years old and used to live in front of the GT.
    Hope your throat is getting better with the clean air overthere and you can explore the surroundings. Don’t forget to make a “cruise” on a bambooraft!

  3. Kul att läsa om besöket på barnhemmet.
    Säg till den kinesiska förkylningen att lägga av och bli frisk.
    Skönt att the Giggeling Tree tycks leva upp till förväntningarna =)
    Hoppas det gäller maten med.
    Vi ser fram emot bilderna (och skype) =)

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