17th of October Giggling & Surroundings

Yesterday we stayed at the Giggling Tree untill 3 pm. We talked to manager Paula about what to do and see and relaxed. Went to the little shop next door and got henna tatoos: Linnea a panda, mormor a pattern and I got a Yin & Yang.

We booked a lesson in calligraphy for Linnea, mormor and I for today at 9:30 Hans don’t want to go.

In the afternoon we rented bikes and drove off in the 30 dgr C heat. Mormor and Linnea on a tandem. After a little while we thought we went the wrong way so Linnea, mormor & I turned back, Hans drove on and actually got to Yangshuo as we were supposed to.

Hans’ bike was a bit to small but he did manage to get back home several hours later.

I stopped at the hotel and took a shower. Linnea & mormor drove off to the field.

When they came back they whent to the pool. In the evening the owners were here too and Linnea played with their kids Pelle 7 and Raaf 3.5.

Today Linnea finally has a Skype date with Moa. Maybe we will go to Yanshuo tonight to eat and look at the shops at West Street.

The Giggling Tree



The back of the house


Our room (Back side)









Enjoying a limon juice while mormor 6 Linnea had fun in the pool


5 thoughts on “17th of October Giggling & Surroundings”

  1. Yangshuo och sockertoppsbergen längtar tillbaka, finns så mycket att se. Risterrasserna LongJi, Lifloden med bambuflotte , westernstreet i Yangshuo och Moonhill var vackert på avstånd att fota, mygg när vi skulle vandra uppåt berget.
    TACK för att ni delar med er.

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