17th of October – Good morning

Going to bed just after 9 pm is equal to waking up early. 4:35 I was awake, totally dark in the room and outside too.

The bed is not the best and my back was hurting so I went up. Sometimes I go back to bed after a while but at the momen there is a big spider on the wall just next to my bed so I just stay at the sofa in the other end of the room.

In this end, far from the door the Wifi doesn´t work and going outside means to open 2 double wooden doors, first to the hall then to the courtyard.

There is a lot of western people here, mostly Dutch relatives to the owners or the managers, but also some Danish people.

The menu here is western/chinese, and they even have chease for breakfast. Last nights dinner was a chicken dish Chinese style for Hans, Thai chicken for med, pork snitzel for my mother and chicken breast for Linnea.

Today we are going to plan what we will do while here. Linnea want to test kong ku one of the days.
I think we will start with a walk in the arrier after breakfast to see where we are.

The pool here was a bit cold. The water is pumped up from the underground and is quite cold and it takes time to heat it.

Well I think I will have to go back to bed I feel a bit sleepy, I suppose the spider wont go near me with my CPAP blowing and making noices!

By the way I am working on the photo post but I need to be closer to the Wifi, and that means going out side!

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