21st-22nd Of October – Rain and adventure

When I opened the blog just now I saw that my post “Lazy days” had not gone online so you will get 2 posts today 🙂

On Tuesday it started to rain just after breakfast. It was 21 dgr. C outside anyway and it kept raining a little untill late afternoon. Mark, the manager said it is the dry season so it was not raining just our imagination.

We had a very relaxing and lazy day reading, doing homework, shopping in Lia´s shop next door.
My absolute favorite buy is a stall to hang jewlery or caaligraphy brushes. It is made of wood and very Chinese.

Since we have our own house – only 2 rooms in our part while there are 6 rooms in the others we could sit just inside our hall an look out.
The air was very fresh after the rain and we woke up to a sunny sky on Wednesday.

We wanted to go and see the famous Moon hill. so we took a taxi to Yangshuo and rented 2 scooters. We got the ones on gas since the eletric can´t go so far.

Linnea sat in front of Hans and mormor on the back of me, and we drove back to The Giggling tree to pick up some stuf and go on to the Moon Hill. Paulin the owner told me the way but Hans didn´t understand me so he asked in the reception and we went in the opposite direction. That way was meant for bikes and not scooters so we had to go back passing the Giggling tree again. Now it was lunch time so we made a stop here and ate lunch. Then off to the Moon hill. We got to the big road. Paulin had told us to drive for maybe 5 minutes and we would be there. We didn´t see a thing and after a long drive we decided to turn around and go back.

We allmost passed it again. Hans looked left for one second and saw it, stopped and we turned around again and finally we found it. We started to go up towards it, but 800 steps was to hard and would take too long time.

But we saw it from the parking lot.

Then we drowe back to Yangshuo and returned the scooters and did a little more shopping.

Dinner was seved at McDonalds because we were to be picked up in Yangshuo to go and see the Lightshow. When we had eaten we realised we had forgotten our tickets…. Hans called The Giggling Tree and when we met up with a woman at the entrance Hans called again and problem solved. We got in and had to walk for 5 minutes to the theater. We got our seats and the show was fantastic. It was all dark, and the suddenly the light was turned on – on 3 karst mountains! the whole audience – around 500 people – bursted out in one big WAU!!!

Today is our last full day at the Giggling Tree. Tomorrow morning at 10 am we are off to the train station in Guilin. We are going back to Nanning with high speed train on first class. It is nice to skip the plane – after 5 flights!

During our time here in China we have used all kinds of transportations….
Private cars
Mini busses
Public busses
Bamboo floats
and tomorrow train

Before we left for China I was a bit worried I didn´t want the trip to end. This trip had been in our minds since 2008 and we made plans for almost 10 months. Now 3 weeks is almost over and only one is left. BUT I am not sad. We have so many memories from this trip. We wanted to get down to the real China with all what that includes and we have. It has been amazing.

Now I start thinking and looking forward to what comes after this trip.
Also I start missing my:

Dog -Tindra our litlle sweetheart
Friend Emma and our long and good talks and the Line dance
Friend Jenny and all we have to talk about
Internet – always woring

So I would say I am ready to the 4th and last part of this trip – but as always it is sad to say good buy! So I rather say: See you again some day!

And now to the photos……

A rainy day:








Scooter trip to Moon Hill


A small bridge we had to cross.





Yangshuo shopping – West street in day light


This woman paints the inside of a small glass bottle – I bought one and she wrote Linneas Chines name in the one I bought.


Linnea decided to try the fish foot bath – and got Hans to do it too.



Light show in Yangshuo




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  1. When you went I was a bit worried that you’d stay in China for ever! 😉 Feels nice to know you’re comming home in just a week. Then it’s our turn. See you soon!

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