23-24th of October Last days at Giggling Tree

It was both sad and nice to move on from Griggling Tree. It is a wonderfull place and I do love the mountains.

It is a nice place to stay at whit children and many families were staying while we were there. Unfortunately the parents seems to forget their respondsibility. A family with 6 children age 6-13 or so let them take over the pool. A sign says that children should be supervised by adults at the pool and ofcourse no running. These kids came with 3 water guns and chased each other around. Linnea didn´t dare to be in the water. Both Hans and my mom had to tell them to behave.

In the evening the children run loose in the court yard screaming so loud that people from 3 tables turned and hushed at them.

Any way the Giggling is a wonderfull place. We met and had some nice chats with the owners Karst & Paulin, and the managers Mark & Paula.
Linnea and Mark really found each other and played a lot!

Our last day was spend with a little shopping in Yangshuo the next day (24th) we took a taxi the 2 hour drive to the station in Guilin. Bumpy as always and lots of traffic.

The train was a fast train – hour top speed was 207 km/h.

We arrived in a very hot Nanning in the afternoon.

We checked in at the Phoenix hotel very close to the station and it is the same quality as The Majesic. The wester breakfast here is no good either: Toast, butter, and a little cornflakes. NO! bacon…

We were piched up by mamma, her brother and a friend. In the evening we had dinner just around the cornor, with more friends.

After dinner mormor and Linnea watched a movie on Linneas iPad in bed while Hans and I took a walk in the near by streets. We have 2 big supermarkets very close to the hotel.

Mountains again – I do love this ind of nature





they know how to load a scooter-truck




Mark & the girls have fun


On the way







So called ghost town




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