Departure and Arrival

2014-10-06 3:58 am

Going to bed at 9:20 pm + a very hard bed = awake now. But I do intend to go back to bed as soon as I’m done writing.

I woke up Saturday morning at 3:30 am. I realize I was more nervous this time than back in 2007. Finally we were going back to Nanning. We cought the train in time and met up with my mom in Copenhagen airport. Check in took 15 minutes – self service.
Finally I could relax.

The suitcases were to be picked up in Frankfurt since we were flying with SAS and changing to Air China there.

Well landed in Frankfurt we first took a tour of the airport by a driving plae, the by bus and finally we walked. 2 hours was just enought.

The 9,5 hours flight was a long flight. We were not allowed to use mobile phones in flight mode so it was a bit borring. Linnea, Hans and my mom slept for 2 hours, I slept for one.

I Beijng it took 2 hours from landing to being in the transfer arrier. The bagage was transfered directly to Nanning. Linnea fell asleep on a sofa and slept for 2,5 hours. My mom slept for one hour on the sofa, and Hans in a chair for a few minutes and I slept maybe 30 minutes too. We bought Chinese sim cards and there for it’s no longer possible to send SMS to us. You can call Hans or me if it is important. The Swedish number is forwarded to the Chines,

Final flight was the hardest. Very tight with the space. Linnea was awake and happy but we the adults fell asleep and woke up over and over.

When the plane landed I was realizing that when we were here in 2007 we took a little girl away from all she had ever known.

We landed in the new airport in Nanning, it opened one month ago.

We went to the bagage claim and every thing were there. Just opposite the bagage claim was the exit, and we saw alot of people waiting. And some were waving at us!

With tears in my eyes we went out and there they were; The foster family. Linneas family! Foster mom hugged Linnea over the fence. And gave her flowers. We all got flowers. People were taking photos and we found out how many that had come to meet us: 9 people!!
Foster mom, foster dad, their son, his wife, foster dads brother, 3 friends and Kelly. They all remembered Linnea and were very happy to see her again. Foster mom were hugging and checking out how big Linnea is now. Her hair, her lenght, her hands – every thing!

Linnea also got a huge fruit basket with mini bananas, grapes and a fruit I don’t know what is called.

They had 3 cars and we drove a long way to the hotel. My mom and Linnea in the car with foster mom, Hans and I with Kelly and foster dad.

I took pictures on the way having a hard time believing we finally are in Nanning.

Kelly who only just got to know the family describes them at a kind and loving family, the same impression that I have had for so many years. I remember that back in 2007 from the day we were got our referal (May 25th) to the day we got her (October 25th) I felt that she we in a good family and we didn’t need to rush to China to get her. I could not have been more right. This family were and is amazing!

We checked in at the hotel Majestic. I showed Linnea where we eate our first lunch with her and were she had been going up and down with the elevators. We got 2 room but quite far for each other so we changed them to rooms next to each other, but no connecting door. We are on the 9th floor with a view to the pool.

The family had prepared a visit to a restaurant just across the street. We had one hour to shower and get changed. At the restaurant the whole family and their friends were waiting for us. We ate good and hot food with a lot of chilli. Drank watermelon juice, bear and tea.

Linnea sat between me and foster mom. They were all very happy to see that Linnea can eat with cop sticks and that she can say xiexie (thank you).

After dinner Linnea and I got very tired! Linnea wanted to go to bed. Before we said “waa’an” (good night) we decided on meeting at 11:30 here at the hotel. We are going to pick up the train tickets Gulin-Nanning and then home to the family. It will be a day with food and presents.

We also asked what to call the family members….

Linnea will call foster mom “mama” and foster dad “baba” just as when she lived here. We will call foster mom Lao-Zhang and foster dad Lao-Huang. You put Lao infront of the name to show respect and because you are a close friend of the family. Lao means “the older”.
The son, who they describes as Linneas brother, we will call Xiao-Huang, and his wife Xiao-Wu. Xiao means “the younger”.

When we came up to the room I was so tired I could fall asleep on the spot. But we had some eletrical promlems. We found 3 plugs in the walls and we need to charge our phones and pads and I need a plug for my CPAP.

We have one by the desk, one by the bed and one with a lamp. The one at the bed does not work. I we pulled out the lamp the light in my moms and Linneas room started switching on and off. So we had to move around a little so that everything can be charged from the desk plug. Lucky for us is that Hans took an extention with him for 7 cables.

Now it is almost 5 am and I will return to my bed, hoping to ge a couple of hours sleep. Photos will be added when Hans is awake and can help me.

“waa’an”for now!

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