Last post from Sweden

Linnea has said “bye bye” to her friends this afternoon. It was clear that her 2 best friend will miss her a lot!

Many hugs and they want to look at photos and hear from her via Skype or email!

The hard part for me today was to leave Tindra. My sweet little baby – lots of hugging at home and we know she is taken good care of!

I have been cleaning and doing all the last minute stuff and in a few minutes we’ll hit the sofa, watch some TV for a short while before we’re off to bed. We decided to set the alarm to 4:30 to pack the cabin bags. Hopeless to do it to night – there are stuff we can’t pack until tomorrow any way!

So this is it! I’m turning off my computer and my next post will be somewhere on the way or in China!

Take care! Have fun!




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