October 6th Visiting the foster family

We have now seen more of Nanning in 2 days than we did back in 2007. I will write 2 posts one for each day….

Yesterday we were picked up by Loa-Huang (Baba), Kelly and a friend of the family. We triede to go to the train station to get our tickets but there were so many people so we just went home to the Huang family where whole family and friends were waiting for us. During the day more friends came to say hallo.

We started with some food and presents. Lao-Zhang (Mamma) had knitted scarfs for all of us. Linnea got 2 embroidered pictures and we all got a tea set. Linnea also got 2 teaspoons the she used as a baby, a stone found on the day she came home that would give her good luck and a string with a name tag that she was waring when from the orphanage.

We gave our gifts and talked and ate more food. Lao-Zhang had been cooking all day.

We went to se places where Linnea used to play and we went to a ticket office and got our trainticket.

The family is very happy to see Linnea, and Lao-Zhang tells everybody we meet that Xiaoxue is back!

Gifts from the family


How tall is she now?


Playing with the kids


Lao-Huang (Baba), Xiao-Huang (the son) & Lao-Huang’s brother looking at the photo book I made


Little Linnea with Baba


Big Linnea with Baba


Little Linnea


Big Linnea


Little Linnea


Big Linnea


Nanning by night


New shoes for our princess


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