October 7 Monkey moutain

When we left the family home yesterday we thought we were going to the Monkey Mountain with Mamma, Baba & Kelly, but nooooo!!! The friends and family members wanted to come too. In total we were 15 people in a small bus.

We were picked up by Baba at 7:40 am. We drove to the main square where we had time to take some photos before going on the bus.

We drove for almost 2 hours on the most bumping road ever! The contrasts in the buildings are enorm. We drove though rice fields, banan feilds and karst mountains.

We started by walked down a lot of stairs, over a bridge and up lots of stairs. It was very hard work in the heat. The temperature is around 30 degrees Celsius.

Then we met the monkeys. They were taking food from our hands.
After more stairs we came to a resting arrea where Baba bought Linnea a green monkey and we had lunch.

Linnea and I bought the 2 children that ware with us a monkey too, and Linnea then wanted Kelly to have one too, so she got a red one. Linnea wanted to give Xiao-Wu (the daughter in law) a present because she is a litlle left out since she is the second wife of the son and did not know Linnea as a baby. Linnea bougt a painting for her.

After lunch we took a bamboo raft down the river and saw monkeys swimming in the river. Then up the mountain again taking a lot of photos.

The famlily is very conserned of us: Do we eat enough, is it too hot, did we drink enough water…. it is very easy to see that they care alot!

Main square


Main square


Banana field


Karst mountain


Monkey eating Swedish “pepparkakor”




Kelly & Baba at the raft


Monkeys at the river


Monkey swimming in the river


Beautiful scenery


2 thoughts on “October 7 Monkey moutain”

  1. So happy to read your blog about your time back in Nanning so far…………sounds and looks like you’re all being well taken care of and loved very much by Linnea’s foster family. They are such wonderful and caring people the Chinese aren’t they, and you can see how much they loved Linnea too which is so special Mette. Keep enjoying every moment and taking loads of photos!!

  2. Vad roligt att läsa om er resa. vad jag längtar tillbaka och får träffa Nans fosterföräldrar igen, vi gjorde ju misstaget att gå igenom barnhemmet istället för att höra av oss direkt till fosterföräldrarna. Synd. Fortsätt njut av resan.

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