October 8th – visiting the Li family

At 8:30 Matthew picked us up at the hotel. Kelly, mamma & baba joined us. On our way Lucy also from Hope for Chinas Children joined us too.

We went to the school that Li goes to an live at. Many children live there during the week. Li is 11 years old but there is younger children living there too. They only get home in the weekend.

Li was very shy. The other kids at the school were very courious about us.

We all went home to Li where her mother were waiting. A teacher from the school joined us in the bus. Li got our presents.

Their home is quite big but only has the most nessecery furniture. Linnea was very taken by seeing walls with no wall paper and how little they have.

Then we went back to the school. Matthew and Lucy were meeting the other girls in the Guangxi girl program and paying school fees. We were asked to sing a Swedish song and som of the girls sang for us. All to make conections and make the girls more open.

Li and Linnea were drawing and gave each other their drawing, they were connecting without a common language. They hold hands, make faces, laugh and really enjoyed each other. They sat together in the group photo and in the bus to the noodlesoop-shop.

Totally were around 50 people in 2 soupkitchens. We had agreed to buy lunch for the girls and their parent/granparent that also had come to the school. For 270 RMB (= 337,5 SEK) around 50 people got a noodlesoup lunch.

Baba bought Linnea and Li a cake and Linnea and Hans bought 10 more cakes to the girls in our soupkitchen. The others had gone back to school.

Across the street a woman were selling long shaped watermelons – 3 for 10 RMB – Hans were in heaven 🙂

We agreed to do 2 more homevisits with Matthew and Lucy. Li went back to the school and the 2 girls jumped on the bus with us.

The frist home was so far out in the country side that the bus couldn’t turn around and had to be pushed by Hans, the teacher and Matthew.

The girls parents were mental ill and her grandmother were taking care of everything at the age of 71. They were growing rice but it was destroyed by the wether. The house were in a very bad shape. No floor and it could be very cold in the winter. The girl was very sad and Lucy took care of her.

Matthew asked if we wanded to support them togehter with him and we gave 200 RMB. Linnea also wanted to donate som of her own money and gave 50 RMB.

The grandmother was very gratefull and didn’t like to take the money even though she needed them. We were all very taken by this family. And Linnea wished everybody on earth should have equal amount of money so no one would be poor.

The other girls family was also in the country side but they were better off. They had pigs and even though both parents had some diseases they did mangage better.

Back at the hotel we agreed with Matthew to meet up with Li again when we are back in Nanning to give her a small hand hold computer/gamer to have teeaching games in.

The school kid looking at us.


Linnea & Li


Li’s home



The girls are drawing


Making faces


Baba, the girls and the cakes


The cakes


Noodle soup


The first girls home


The door into the house


Inside the house


The view from the house


Turning the bus


Back at the hotel to take a swin in the pool


3 thoughts on “October 8th – visiting the Li family”

  1. Hi, everybody! I am enjoying following you on your trip! Keep well and keep safe! Thank you for the photo and the card! Love to you all!

  2. Så fin Linnéa är vilken underbar liten själ! Man blir rörd av att så lite behövs för att kunna göra skillnad!

  3. Tänk så olika det är i världen och vilken skillnad ni gjort i någons liv! Och Linnea, denna lilla godhjärtade person! <3 Vi vill veta mer om Li och hennes skolkamrater när ni kommer hem. Kramar från Hässleholm!

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