October 9th and 10th

Good morning from Nanning. It is now 5:31 and I want to write about the last couple of days before we have to get ready to pack for the flight to Guiyang.

Also I want Linneas friends to know she misses them and that it ha been hard to find time to Skype since we have been out from morning to evening. We will try to find time during the weekend.

We are very happy to read your comments but since I’m writing on my iPad 1 not all funktions are available – like replying on comments…..

Jenny M – we have room 934 & 932 at The Majestic. The hotel is fine but breakfast sucks 🙂 Even our little noodle lover is now dreaming of beef and looks forward to have a kitchen in Guiyang.

Jenny PL – we will let you know more about Li and the other girls here.

We dreamt of seeing the real China, and we have and that includes both good and bad. China is the land of contrasts. Constantly showing new developent and high tech contra poverty and hard work.

On the 9th we was picked up by “the funny uncle” who actually is mamms brother and he is alway making fun with the children. We drove to Qingxin Shan park. A very beautiful mountain park. There we met up with Kelly, mamma, baba and 2 friends.

We walked through The friendship coridor with many beautiful paintings and flower arrangements. After a break – to eat – we walked a little longer and finally to a bus to a budhist temple. Very beautiful. There we also had lunch – noodle soup.

Then for me al long walk down hill to a lake with big fishes Linnea could feed. And finally the bus back to the car park and a small market.

Linnea bought presents for me, my mother and Kelly. She hardly uses any money on her self but loves to buy presents for everyone else.

Back to the hotel to pack 2 of our cabin bags to leave here in Nanning at the foster parents home. And ofcourse we had dinner there too.

The family and friends are very caring people who check upon us all the time to see if we are hungry or tired.

They really want the best for us but sometimes things goes a little wrong, like when they would give me a footbath to clean out bad stuff from my body so I can loose weight. The water was too hot and I felt like cooking my feet. I never uses the word hate but if I should it would be I hate to be extremly warm and especiall my feet, because that is what I get when I am hot. Here the temperature has been around 30 dgr C so I had been hot all day. So when Hans also started to tell me just to put my feet the very hot water, I paniced and gave up.

I am very glad that the family wants to help, and I try to do my best in the hot weather but sometimes I have to give in and accept I have limits whether I like it or not.

Hans has installed an app on my phone counting my steps and I beat my record in the park with 8424 steps. Now wonder my feet was hurting!

Yesterday we visited Peoples park where we never been even though it is right behind the hotel. Very nice place with people singing and playing music. Then we went to a small market with lots of jade and old coins. I bought a look a like coin with and Linna bought a bracelet for one of the family friends who has been with us very often and she is playing a lot with Linnea.

Linnea also bought baba a beer.

After the market we drow by the Phoenix hotel that is close to the station and town center. The family think it is better than the Majestic. So we went in at got to look at a room. The pricelist said 618 RMB for a twin room and foster mom got it for 290 RMB.

It is not that we don’t like the Majestic we only sleep here but the Phoenix really looked nice. And is cheaper that the Majestic. (not as much as we first thought) And the breakfast could be better. Ofcourse we will not have the pool and that is both good and bad. Linnea has been obcessed with returning to the hotel and the pool – and she have had a hard time to understand we are not here for the pool. On the same time it is nice to be able to take a swim in the afternoon or evening.

We were back at the hotel at 3 pm in the afternoon and tried to get Linnea to do some homework, that is less popular and we used a lot of time to get a plan ready for what’s left.

In the evening we went out to get some food and all we found was noodles so Linnea asked for McDonalds and we found it. She ate 8 chicken nuggets, fries and half a icecream.

And now the photos…… hard to choose…..

Nanning tracfic – no bikes anymore but eletric scooters with 1-4 people and no helmets.



Extremly high buildings


In the Qingxin park




Linnea blew soap bubbles and this little boy loved it!


Sweet Kelly! ( we so much want her to be with us when we return. She has been fantastic and we all love her – we wish her speed and good luck on her homework so that she can continue to be our interpreter and co-tourist! – No presure Kelly just a true wish for our next stay in Nanning)


Climbing obstacles in the park. Do I need to tell you how fast Linnea did the whole thing and how impresed the family and friends were?



The bus was full so someone shared a seat




Feeding the fishes



Contrasting buildings


A Buddha statue with a sign with opposite meaning here and at home!


In Peoples park







I better keep an eye on my husband 😉 People are starring at us and loves to take photos of us or with us!


Street view



Nanning by night!


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  1. Wow, ser ut som ni verkligen har en underbar tid. All frukost på hotellen i provinsen var verkligen kinesisk.
    Vad härligt allt ni får uppleva och se. Hoppas nästa hotell blir bra också.
    Ha det fortsatt bra.

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