27th of October Grace & Hope

Beeing a bit behind in my updates I thought I could use the time on the plane to write. I will write seperate posts from our days in Nanning. That way it will be easier for me, add photos and upload everthing when we are back home.

So on monday – our 13th wedding anniversery and Matthews birthday, Matthew picked us up at the hotel. We took a double decker bus to a fancy mall with almost no customers. We met with Xiao and Frank from GHC and they were happy to meet Linnea again.

Rosie, sorry for not writing sooner. Frank recognised William and they have records of everything. They will be in touch.

We had a good talk and a good lunch.

Baba met us at the busstop, then Kelly and finally Mamma and we walked the streets of Nanning. We ended up at a muslim Chinese restaurant. Good food and a lot of laughing.


At home, so here I go continuing the 3 posts I wrote on the plane.


Entrance at the mall

Icescating at the 5th floor


Lunch with Frank, Xiao & Matthew.


Opposite the mall


Finally got to taste the new icy mint sprite – actually ok!


Dinner in the evening






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