3 weeks later

Since the beginning of 2008 we said that we would go back to Nanning i 2014.

From January to October 2014 my major priority was to plan the trip. I my mind there was nothing after the trip. I had a strong feeling that I didn’t want to go back home.

This comes from the feeling of escape when things are though. But in China I got to appreciate my life and home in Sweden so much more, and in the end I was missing it very much. Being away for a month wasn’t that hard but it sure was nice to come home.

When we landed in Copenhagen after tree flights, just thinking of a another trip with a plane was making me feel bad.

While looking forward to go home, a new thought popped up: Will I ever long to come back to China?

After one and a half week at home, the feeling of longing back to China was back! We are connected for ever – nothing can change that!

Today, tree weeks later I finally got to look at baba’s photos and seeing those of them waiting for us in the airport made tears running down my cheeks, and made me miss this wonderful family so much.

If you gave me a ticket I would leave tomorrow! – OK maybe on Sunday, need to pack a little!

I just feel so happy and grateful that we did this trip – that we made our two families to one!

Well take a look here: Nanning airport 5/10-2014

SAM_0739Checking the board – when will the plane arrive?


Arrival from Beijing at the top of the list!

SAM_0743And here we come!

SAM_0746Mormor is very moved by the situation.

SAM_0748I got something in my eye…..

SAM_0761Finally she got to hug Linnea again!


I found a familiar face in the welcome comity – the son Xiao Huang


Kelly introduces Linnea to Xiao Huang – her big brother!

P3035-MY monkey.indd



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