30-31st of October Going home

After breakfast we started to pack. Then out for lunch – MCDonalds again. Not good to live across the street from it when you are getting tired of Chinese food/can’t read the meny. All the time we just ate Chinese food our stomachs were ok. After starting on MCD we started to get bad stomachs….

A 3 pm the family arrived. We had packed everything…… we thought!

Hans was as always looking through the whole room and man am I happy he did that!!! He found all my shoppings in a drawer!

We tucked it all in to our 3 large and 3 small suitcases.

Then baba came with the wine for mormor! Not 1 or 2 bottles (300ml) He came with a box of 20 bottles!

We took the box as it was and packed all the small suitcases into the uncles (Tjutju Linnea was told to call him) car!

Baba, I and the 4 big suitcases took the airport bus, the other was in the car. The son and the daughter in law came to say good buy!

Then we drowe off, and arrived at the airport.

Check in took more than half an hour and 4 people to figure it out. Why?

1) The name on the tickets must be like the name in the passport.

2) That is impossible when your name contains the Danish Ø and the Swedish Ö (same letter in 2 different ways) and written in English we write “oe”

So finally when the staff looked at our visas the realised the Chines embassies in Stockholm and Copenhagen had approved the oe-way.

3) Then there was the wine…..

400RMB to bring the box or try to get it in to the suitcases….

Mormor wanted the bottles wrapped in plastic bags, and she could only get room enough for 3. So 4 got stucked in to my suitcase too. Hans’ and Linnea’s suicases were already gone.

Then we said goodbuy – or see you! Mamma and baba really want Linnea to come back!

I can’t imagine how they must feel now. Saying good buy to her again. Having her for 17 month from the age of 2 month. Then send her off just hoping she will be allright on the other side of the planet.

Finally after 7 years meet her again, finding our what an amazing person she has turned in to. Just to say goodbuy again!

Simply heart breaking.

I was thinking of the first time we left Nanning, taking this little girl from all the knew to a whole new world. This time we were taking her back to all she knows as her world.

At least she now knows she has a big family in China too. She will always have them.

There is not much to say about the trip home…

Take off 7:30 pm from Nanning

Landing and lots of controlls in Beijing and less than one hour waiting time before take off at 2 am.

Linnea slept for 7 hours in the plane. The rest of us around 4.

Landing in Frankfurt at 5:30 am (Swedish time) after 10 hours in the sky- finding our plane and I slept on a bench.

Last flight to Copenhagen took 1 hour. Saying goodbuy and THANK YOU to mormor.

Finally 1 hour in the train to Hässleholm and the car to Bjärnum.

We were HOME!

2014-11-01 04.04.53









Beijing airport at night

2014-11-01 04.06.50

I needed help getting my support stocking on – mormor was laughing so much that Linnea had to help

2014-11-01 04.06.11 2014-11-01 04.05.33

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