We arrived home at 2 pm. Tired but happy we found our house as we left it.

Linnea went in to her bed and hugged her cover.

We started to unpack…. = loading all we bought and all presents on a table and all clothes in a laundry pile!

When I got my suitcase in Copenhagen airport I said it smelled of liquer… Only Linnea smelled it too.

Now opening it I could smell it again and found one of the wine bottles crushed. Lucky it was in a plasticbag so there was only wine in 1/3 of my suitcase. Most of it was sucked up by the new schoolbag (backpack) Linnea got from mamma. It has been soaking in water all night now.

Then we went to our ICA supermarket and did some shopping and finally we went to get Tindra! Our little happy dog. It was so good to see her again!

We took dinner, mine was cheese, with us upstairs and turned on the tv. At 6 pm Linnea fell asleep on the sofa and I was close too.

At 7:00 pm Linnea was a sleep in her bed. At 7:30 pm I was asleep in mine!

That also made us wake up at 4 am this morning. Linnea stayed in bed watching some movie on the iPad and I have been updating here (spamming you all).

Now I must finish – need some breakfast. We need to start the laundry, get some hot water – the heater has stopped, find the pressents for our friends in Hässleholm. Then off to Hässleholm to meet with friends – they are off to China tomorrow to meet their new son in Guiyang on the 10th of November, and to pick up Kajsa. (Rabbit) and get more grosery.

In the afternoon my friend Emma and her daughter – Linneas best friend – will visit us! We missed them a lot!

2014-11-01 07.09.13





So have a nice day!

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  1. Nu har jag läst ikapp efter vi varit på semester! Vilken resa ni gjort! TACK för att jag fått “vara med”! Kram Tina

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