Welcome 2015

What a year!

I remember the feeling of stepping in to 2014, the year Linnea would turn 8 years old and we would travel back to China!

2014 has been so much about just that! Visiting Linnea’s Chinese family! Our Chinese family!

It warms my heart to think of our trip and time together! I am overwelmed with gratitude

  • for having such luck to have this wonderful daughter in my life.
  • to have had the possibility to get to know people around the world just because I am her mother.
  • to be able to travel back to her birth city and meet a loving and caring family.
  • to meet our good friends and see how our children grow in their friendship.
  • to meet and connect with a young woman who became so much more than an interpreter for us.

You are all in my heart forever!

Thank you for being a part of our life!

Also thank you to my mom for wanting to join us on such a long trip and for putting up with me on our daily phone calls!

And to my loving husband Hans, for loving me! For being a part of the best family in the world!

As I mentioned before 2014 consisted of planing the trip and taking off on the 4th of October. I had no idea of what would come after our return.

The longing to travel is huge, I want to meet everybody again. I want to meet friends in Scotland, I want to go back to Greece to the Proimos massionettes, I want to spend time with our Swiss friends and I dream of a round trip in the states!

But the purpose of 2015 has become clear during this last month. I haven’t had any goals that I can’t fix because of my weight. Now I have! My mental health has improves so much over the last 4,5 years, now the time has come for the fysical helath to improve.

So this year I will dedicate to Love! The love of life and loving your self without judgements! We are perfect as we are! We are love!

I wish all of you a loving year! A year of happiness and joy!

BIG HUGS from me and keep……



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