Linnea Sunxue Our Chinese princess!


Our  princess daughter – whom we waited and longed for in 9 years is named Linnea Sunxue Erika. We became a family on the 25th of October 2007 5,5 month after we saw the first picture of her – the one here on the left!

She was 19 month when we became a family, she is born only five days after me on the 29th of March 2006. She is  born in Nanning in Guangxi in China.

She was 1½ month old when she was found, lived in the SWI orphanage for a month and the rest of the time with a fosterfamily in Nanning – her Chinese family as we call them!

We are very gratefull for the organisation Grace and Hope for Children who found a sponsor (Grandma Brenda in Scotland) that made it possible for Linnea to get the best start in life!

Linnea is a Swedish name, a little flower named after the botanic Carl Von Linné who was names Linné after the linden tree at the family farm.

Most of my life before moving to Sweden I live in a house named after the linden in the inner courtyard. Also Hans had a connection to the tree: His grandparents (and his mother when she was a child) lived on the “linden street”.



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