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New look

When I wrote about our up coming trip to China I felt I had to do something about the layout of this blog.  Now I like it!

I made the top image with photos from China and from left they are:

  • Zhong Guó = China
  • The Majestic Hotel in Nánníng, Guangx, where we stayed when we got Linnea and where we’ll probably stay again.
  • From the city Guìyáng in Guìzhou, where we’ll visit our friends and Starfish Foster home.
  • River rafting near Yangshuo in Guangx?
  • The tower at the top on Mt. Qingxiu in Nanning
  • Nánníng in Chinese
  • Huángguoshù Pùbù (waterfalls) in Guizhou
  • Li River near Guìlín in Guangxi
  • Guangxi balls
  • The hotell The Giggling Tree outside Yángshuò in Guangxi,  where we’ll stay on our trip.


NEW layout!

Finally I got around to change the layout of the blog!

I hope you like it – please feel free to coment. The top images are my own photos and now they change when you klick on a new page! From time to time I’ll change them.

I’ll probably be back with small adjustment! Just wait and see!

Take care!

Love Mette