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Day 7 & 8

First vi saw the pandas. That was great! Then we went shopping again. We took the subway and finally found Yashow clothes market. More stuff was purchased. Lots of bargins. They all say Linnea is beautiful and Hans is tough! But prices start at 1200 end at 160.

Now we’re packing. In 2 hours we’re leaving the hotel. We all miss something at home but we also would have loved to stay longer. Many thoughts for the next trip!!!

Tomorrow at home I’ll fix some photos 😉

Day 6 shopping

Yesterday on Christmas day we took the subway to the Pearl market and back. The price is 2 Y/ person for one way (2kr) and as long as you don’t leave the subway you can travel as long as you like all over Beijing.

But it’s croweded. About 5.000.000 people take the subway each day!!

We bought a lot of things. Pictures later.

The chinese are very intrested in Linnea . She has her tag saying she only speaks Swedish and Danish not Chinese. And they tell us she is very beautiful and lucky (that she got good parents). I keep telling them we are lucky to have her!
One man said we ( China and us) made connections and thanked us.

Linnea is Linnea meaning she is no different from home. She behaves no different here than on any other holiday we have been on.

We have talked about her birth parents once and she thinks they are dead. And we don’t know. She told the other guests in our group she is from here and she has 3 set of parents. That’s it.

And today we’re going to the zoo and do a little shopping. Tomorrow at 11:30 we’re leaving the hotel.

Times’ fly and we really look forward to come back to China again. Next time Nanning and Guangxi and for a longer time.

Day 5 Christmas eve

Merry Christmas every one!

Our day started with a drive to Badaling and the great wall. Hans and Linnea walked far and high while my mom and I didn’t. My knees don’t like the cold -22 C during the night to the 24th and very cold during the day too.

After the wall we went to a cloisonne factory had lunch and saw how they made the wases. The biggest we saw had a pricetag: 2.000.000 Yuan!!

From there we went to the Ming grave and the spirits way.

Finally through the chaotict city trafic to the restaurant where we had the Peking Duck dinner with a show. Linnea was thrilled by the show.

Back home after almost 12 hours and very tired.

Now it’s 8 am and we just woke up. Today we will take the metro to the pearl market and the toy market.

We heard that the SAS plane from CPH last night was cansled. And we want to stay here longer!!!!! We are to go home on the 27th. The only things I miss from home is Tindra and my pillow!!!

Day 4

Our day started at the temple of heaven. It was freezing cold and sunshine.

We saw people practising tai shi and qi gong, some were dancing, playing cards or other games.

Next stop was the silk factory and after that we went to the hutongs for lunch.

After lunch we got a trip in rickshaws and visited a family living in the hutong.

Final stop was the drum and the bell tower and a tea ceremony

Back at the hotel for a quick stop before we went with the metro one stop to visit a mall. But malls are expensive!

Back at the hotell at 8 pm and so tired.

Tomorrow we’re off to the Wall.

Now I will brush my teath and go to sleep!

Day 3 more sightseeing

So much to see!
Our day starts at 6 am then breakfast at at 8:30 am we’re off. Back at 4 pm and off again at 5 or 6 pm.

On day 3 we went to
Guojizian (The Imperial College)
The lama tempel
A pearl factory/shop
Summer palace
Acrobat show

It’s so amazing and I love it here. But mostly I love to see Linnea enjoying her self. She looks and she listens. We translate and she is very intrested. Ofcourse she also runs around, climbs and make fun. She has done some shopping too: 4 small masks, 2 bracelets with pearls, and a doll.

She loved the carobats, they were amazing.

We have 2 rooms with a door inbetween so we can visit eachother.

Today,day 4 ( it’s 3:10 am now) we’re going to see more and also get a little time off to do some shopping in the hutong shops.

We still don’t know if we’re going home on the 27th or the 28th but we want that extra day. I could stay for several days extra!

The weather is COLD!!!!!! We have had at least -10 C and sunshine. But also some wind.

Tonight it should be down to -16C they say and that would be the coldest in 10 years at this time a year!!!!

Well I’ll go back to bed now!

Photos will have to wait it takes a lot of time but eventually I’ll update both the gallery and Facebook!

Sweet dreams!

Day 2 Beijing sightseeing

Today has been a good day. Cold, sometimes windy and sunshine.

The program was

The city hall exhibition
Tiananmen Square
Lunch good, hot and spicy
The forbidden city
Traditional chinese medicin and foot massage.

We have reopened our old gallery and have uploaded some photos there, please click here

Here is a picture from our breakfast today


Day 1 arrived

We are in China!!!!!

The fight was long but we did manage to sleep for about 3 hours. Linnea slept on the floor for 4,5 hours but she has been good.

There are so many cars in Beijing – about 7 millions to the 23 millions living here and even though we took the highway we nerver really got to drive faster than 50km/h.

Our guide is James, he speaks good english. We are 14 in our groupe. The age is from 30+ to 70+ with only child, Linnea!

James had a little surprise for us, he said we’re checkning out on friday the 28th not the 27th. Tomorrow, he will figure out what’s the right date.

We got 2 rooms on the 4th floor with a door in between. Nice rooms! Nice beds not too hard.

If we go to the basement of the hotel we’re in The World Trade mall. There we forund a Hallo Kitty shop. Very expensive.

We also found a restaurant with good chinese food.

Photos will come tomorrow, we’re too tired now and will go to bed! It’s 9:12 pm now and tomorrow we have sightseeing starting 8:30 am just after breakfast.

The temperature was -5 C today and it started snowing this evening.

So good night and take care!

Info China

With 7 hours time difference – China is 7 hours before us in Denmark & Sweden, we get this time table.

Most fun is that we leave China the 27th at 15:35 and arrive 3 hours later 18:35 in Denmark, having traveled for 10 hours!

Departure Swedish  Chinese Arrival Swedish  Chinese Traveltime Flight No Flight 
Copenhagen 19/12 21:05 04:05 Bejing
06:05 13:05 9 hours SK995 SAS
08:35 15:35 Copenhagen 27/12 18:35 01:35 10 hours SK996 SAS

Beijing program

Day 1: Copenhagen
Departure from Copenhagen at 21:05
The group meet at CPH Airport 2 hours before departure. We fly with SAS flights directly to Beijing. Meals are served and you can watch a movie on the way.

Day 2: Beijing
Between Copenhagen and Beijing the time difference is +6 hours. We arrive at Beijing airport where we will meet our local Chinese guide and drive to the hotel where we will be accommodated. The rest of the is on your own.

Day 3 Beijing
• Urban Planning Museum
• Tiananmen Square (Been there many times)
• The Forbidden City
• Lunch
• Hutongtur in Rickshaw with visits to local family (We did that last time with Linnea)
• Traditional Chinese Medicine with foot massage

Day 4 Beijing
• Summer Palace (Been there before Linnea)
• Bead Manufacturer
• Lunch
• Lama Temple
• Teahouse and tea ceremony (We also tried that without Linnea)

Day 5 Beijing
• Temple of Heaven (Been there with Linnea)
• Silk Manufacturer
• Lunch in the courtyard restaurant Siheyuan
• Guojizian (Imperial College)
• A walk in Nanluoguxiang on your own
• Transport to hotel

Day 6 Beijing
• Cloisonne Factory (Been at one with Linnea)
• The Spirit way
• Chang Ling tomb
• Lunch
• Great Wall at Badaling (Been at the wall with Linnea)
• Peking Duck Dinner

Day 7 Beijing
On your own.

Day 8 Beijing
On your own.

Day 9 Beijing – Copenhagen
Departure from the hotel at 12:00 to the airport. Check in to SAS SK995, departing at 15:35.
Arrival in Copenhagen at 18:40.

China again!

5 years ago we got our daughter in China. We had a tough trip and just wanted to go home.

Now we’re going back! On the 19th of December we’re flying from Copenhagen to Beijing – and back on the 27th of December. We’re going to celebrate Christmas in Beijing. And “We” are Linnea, Hans, Mette and my mother Lise/Mormor!

It’s a tourist trip with sightseeing – all we didn’t cope to see or do when we just became parents. This time we are a family.

I do hope to be able to update here when we are there!

Later I will update with links and more information on the program!

We are all looking so much forward to finally be tourists in such an exciting country. We are still planning to go to Nanning in 2014, both as tourists and visiting our dear friends – Linneas foster mom and foster dad!