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A new family member?

Since we lost our dear Valde we have been wondering if we should buy a new dog.

We have got a extremely nice offer from our friends who are going to buy a Shetland Sheepdog late this summer: They want to take care of a new dog while we’re at work.

So we have thought about buying a Sheltie too, but have now reach the conclution that we want a Golden Retriever again!

But we will wait till we know more about my job situation.

So our new family member, who move in today is a small rabbit! His name is Kalle!

Linnea had no clue and her first question was if he should live here!

He is born 2010-01-09, is all gray and very cute! Linnea is very proud that she now has a rabbit!

I have problems with photos here on the blog so check this link