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Now I know

Almost 2 weeks ago I bought some mandarins and I ate one after a long time with out fruit (carbonhydrates) – but I couldn’t stop with just one! Had to eat more of them. I could stop tomorrow I thought! When we were out of mandarins I ate some potatoes and some bread and what happens to me?

Now I know! I get so damed sleepy! My bloodsugar raises sky high and then drops to the lowest of low! And I fall asleep – infront of the TV or the computer – no problem! I loose my focus – food gets on my mind but I have a hard time on finding out what to eat to dinner!

So what did I learn from this: I react to carbonhydrates if I get them every day that will say more than my 400g of vegstables a day.

Today I had to lie down for half an hour, fell asleep direct and now I get angry with my self: I actually knew that carbonhydrates has that effect on me so WHY did I do it????

I know the answer to that too: I’m an addict! I got a disease and I got to be on my guard not to act on it! And it is sad that I can’t be a normal person that can eat what ever I want!

It is very easy for me to recognize when I start to overeat, but the hard part is to recognize that I’m beeing taken over by the food again! The need to sleep again just after 4 hours awake made me realize that fact!

I don’t want to be a slave to food, I want to be ME! And I wont give up fighting for my life as a healthy person! NEVER GIVE UP my father tought me! Now it’s time to listen to my body and stop this madness!

One of my goals is to be nicely dressed when I graduate the 28th of May 2010 – and yesterday I found a jacket I would love to wear that day.  I will think of this jacket everytime I think of food – knowing that I will not be able to wear it if I eat carbonhydrates!


2:nd week – 2:a veckan

So first week of my new life/diet went well, the second……not!

I used to like to cook but over the years food has become an issue for me so now Hans cooks a lot – he likes to try new things and up to 99% of the time it’s really good.

Last sunday he got a fever and did not eat much until Thursday – and I had to cook….meaning I eat a lot while I cook and less of the food when it’s ready. I also turn to dishes I know how to make and had both potatoes and white bread… this led to wanting more carbon hydrates, the spring sun was warm and my “sweet-love” were screaming ICE CREAM NOW! So I did eat ice cream and that led to candy, cola and chips…… finally my stomach got upset again, I became more angry and of course head ache!

I was amazed how quickly I felt better with the low carbon hydrate food – but even more amaze how fast I was feeling bad again and how fast the weight goes in the wrong direction +1,5 kg in one week!!

So now I’ve started again yesterday – I have to cut of as much carbon hydrates off my food as possible…..

And the weight….. take a look here.

The more I see on TV, Videos, DVD etc I know I want to be able to DANCE on my 40 birthday – in 3 years…. I used to dance a lot and I do hope to start going to Line Dance with a friend or two in the fall!

Well take a look on these 2 dance videos on You Tube.

Evolution of dance (Has been viewed more than 11 million times!!!)

Evolution of dance 2

Sorry I haven’t time to write this i Swedish too.