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4 years

Where did the time go?

4 years are a long time, and a short time too. On the one hand I can’t understand that we have been parents for 4 years on the other hand, hasn’t Linnea been with us always?

Every year I look back to make a photo movie, and I’m amazed how much Linnea is developing, intellectual, social and in any other way.

Some of the biggest events this year has been:

  • Loosing 2 teeth
  • Got her ears pierced
  • Being on holiday in Denmark in grandma’s summerhouse without mom and dad
  • Riding a camel in a circus
  • Being on holiday to Greece
Normally we would have taken the day off today, but I’m at a new job and it’s important to be there because I want to stay there more than the 3 months I was promised. So on Saturday we will celebrate our 4th family day and our 10th wedding anniversary (Thursday) with my mother, one of Linneas best friend and her family. First we’re going bowling and then we’ll eat at an Asian restaurant.
Tonight she’ll get her present!
Well no more “talking” now, here comes the 2011 video with music is “My wish” by Rascall Flats. Enjoy!
Download/watch the video here if you can’t see it on YouTube!

Christmas & New year in Spain

As many of you know by now, we’re leaving from Copenhagen airport on the 26th of December destination Alicante in Spain. We will return on the 9th of January 2010!

In Spain we have booked several real estate agencies to show us holiday homes and we do hope to find one that suites us!

My mother will join us on this trip because it just might get a bit boring for Linnea to go from home to home!

Here you can see photos of 6 homes we will look at – the agencies will look for more to show us! So we don’t know how many homes we will be looking at in total! (My favorite is left in the middle!)  I will try to update the blog while we’re in Spain but probably not every day!

New photos & films

I’ve uploade new photos and films

Linnea went with me too school and to a bowlinggame. Photos are here

Linneas birthday


Film 1 (On Sathurday 28th we had a party for both Linnea and me in the morning and also in the afternoon.)

Film 2 (28th)

Film 3 (29th is Linneas birthday so we had one more party in the morning)

Film 4 (and one party with friends from kinder garden in the afternoon.)

On the 5th of April we went to Cirkus Olympia, here you can see the photos.

During our Easter holiday we went to Denmark for a couple of days! Photos are here

Friends visiting from Denmark 2 days ago. Photos are here

A best friend!

Linnea has now been in daycare for 4,5 months and she loves it! To day (Sunday) she wanted to go too! The kinder garden is divided into 3 groups: The bumble bee – Linneas group with 1-3 years old children. The ant also 1-3 years and The little snail: 3-6 years old children. They interact a lot so every one knows each other.

One of the girls in Linneas group has a brother in the older childrens group and one day when their mother drove home with the children, the boy talks about all his friend and whom his best friend is. Suddenly Mathilda says: My best friend is Linnea! She turning 3 years in June and she makes my heart sing!!!!

Now these two little girls (one very blond like most Swedish children and one black haired girl) goes around saying “your my best friend” all the time!

This is so cute! They talk together, run and play together and smiles when ever they meet! And gets sad when if the other is sick and doesn’t come to the kinder garden!

What more can a mother wish for?

PS New photos in the gallery – here!

Films & Photos

Finally I put my self together and made an update, mostly because of the christmas films and photos…… since I’m in a hurry I’ll only write in English!

The Gallery has bee uppdated with the following albums:

Lucia at Linneas Kindergarden

A visit to Abbekås and good friends Bo & Agneta (We lived there from 1999-2002)

Christmas 2008

The films are not of best quality – a little dark, but ok!

The films are

Linnea and Mormor playing in Abbekås. Linnea had all her jewelery with her!

Christmas evening, Linnea opening the presents. This year it really was fun! She loved it. She got clothes for her doll, the doll for the clothes and a house with small dolls:

Film 1

Film 2

Film 3

The Top Image has been changed to a view of Abbekås habour i december 2008.

We hope you had a wonderfull christmas and a great new years evening! We wish you all the best for 2009!


With in the small sphere in our life, we can stare in to the past, but only our future is with in our control!

A thought for the year 2009.

Top Image

Då har jag ändrat på top image – denna gånge än det ett close up av vårt vår fina träd! Solen skinner och allt blir grönt igen! Så herligt!

Jag har även lagt in kort på övervåningen av vårt hus i Galleriet klicka här!

Ha en så underbar dag!

Now I’ve updated the top image – a spring flower on one of our trees in the garden! It is so nice when the sun is shining and the trees are getting green!

I’ve also uploaded photos from the first floor in our home – upstairs click here!

Have a wonderful day!

New Photos

Nya Linnea albummet är klart! Klicka här

It’s ready the new Linnea album! Click here

I just love to take photos of my little princess! 😉

Good night and sweet dreams!

(Ups – memories about a discoteque called Sweet dreams just poped in to my head! Do you remember OLD friend – Henriette? That “mamma brain!)