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Meditation, Yin & Yang

I’ve added a new category called Stories of Linnea, cause so many things are happening now.

On the 20th of August she started school and she loves it!

Yesterday she started Swim class. The children in grade 0 (something in between kinder garden and school) and 1 can attend. Linnea was the only one from the 0 class. But her only comment to that was “I got a new friend”. A teacher from “after school daycare” takes the children cross the school yard to the indoor pool and pick them up after class. Next time the group of children have to go by them selves! Suddenly she is getting big!

I or we have many intresting and funny talks with Linnea and I need to document them to be able to tell her when she grows up!


On Sunday Linnea was showering. She sat on the floor in meditation pose. Then she asked me what meditation meant. I told her that it is about focusing on your breath, emptying your head from thoughts and if a thought pop up you just let it fly by like a bird.
The next morning we drove to the dog-daycare and when I got into the car she was sitting in meditation pose again. “I just meditated a little” she said


This morning when we sat in the car on our way to the dog-daycare and school Linnea asked: “Is Yin & Yang made of stone?” I explained that Yin & Yang is a symbol representating opposite sides of thing. Like Linnea has black hair and her friend Mathilda is very light blond. Like day and night. Good and evil. I said that you need both to know one. Then Linnea says: “It reminds me of a movie!” “Mulan” (Disney Cartoon about a Chinese girl). “In the song they say: You have to have night and day, light and darkness, heaven and earth.” I must say I’m amazed by her ability to remember and draw parallels to things we’re talking about and things she seen or heard long ago!
While on holiday in Malta Linnea learned some English: Numbers, days and some useful words.
One day at home she was watching cartoons with her friend Nannie. Mostly Linnea has her cartoons in Swedish, but now she said: “Nannie, I only have these in English, but if we watch them we’ll learn English before we start school!”

I will end this post with some funny Linnea pictures……. Click to enlarge!