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10 years to day!

10 tears ago to day, we had our whole life in boxes and had invited alot of friends and family to breakfast at 7 o’clock in the morning. Then the hard work started! When the truck was full we left Copenhagen with destination Abbekås, Sweden!

We stayed for 3,5 years in Abbekås, then we moved 130 km north to where we live now! And times fly now we been here for 6,5 years!

We’ll stay in Sweden, and now with Linnea we’ll have to think twice before moving again! We love being Swedish but we’ll always be Danish too, like Linnea at kinder garden: She is not seen as a Chinese girl, but a Danish one!


We also love our house – a former home for elderly poor people build in 1916 – it has so much history! You can see pictures here!