The trip! Cut outs!

Some cut outs from this blog from the trip to China

We have also received a little update on her routines regarding food, sleeping , hygiene and personality, which probably is the most intresting: Strong will, temperament, so bold, active, crying if she did not receive what she wants and likes to climb up high! Foster family has asked that we look for her safety! And their wishes for the future are that we want to love her for the rest of her life! (Mette 24/10)

It’s very unreal! We walk around as two neon signs – many people on the street – only the Chinese and us! We are shopping children things and look like giant question marks, we have no idea what we are doing! And tomorrow begins a new life! (Mette 24/10)

Tomorrow begins your new life, life as a mother or father lives with children. Welcome to the world (in which you sometimes do not have a clue about what you are doing) (Lena S 24/10)

And you seem to have a proactive daughter, it is good, Nanning girls is often pure gunpowder packets and real survivor! But I myself get a lot of gray hair of their progress …. Though it is ok! 😉 (Monica A 24/10)

But we see glimpse of a very smart and very good stimulated girl – she is so amazing!! (Mette 28/10)

Now I can barely see what I write for the tears (Eva B 28/10)

Thought I’d tell little of what our daughter can do 🙂

She can say “a gaiye” it does mean “go home”, hard to hear her say and shout it again and again when she has to sleep.

She shows when she wants her diaper changed.

She can eat watermelon her self, Jummy!

If she gets a napkin she drys her fingers and mouth.

She can walk and run when in mood!.

She points to food that she wants more of and says “meiu” (more)

She has been in the shower.

Loves pressing elevator buttons.

She knows how to get clothes on, lift her arms over her head then she and puts her arms through the t-shirt. Showing her feet to us to get socks on.  Also, we have actually been allowed to change clothes the last couple of times without her yelling and crying.

She tries to copy our words, “bus”, “HAPS” and “ooj” especially all the funny sounds.

Love to shop, looking inquisitively at the product then it is put down in our basket.. (does not look well for the future!)

And yet, she got some money from Mette, looked a bit on them and gave them to me. (puha) (Hans 28/10)

Linnea then woke up with a MAMMA … .. and then we would hug a little but no tears. We sat and woke up and then Hans went to the shop for little a while and then when he was gone the next word was: FAR! (Mette 30/10)

Linnea had a fun day with lots of attention from the Chinese who say beautifull GIRL! And her parents can only say yes!!!! (It is in genes … ha ha) (Mette 30/10)

Yesterday, when we sat and ate – Linnea sat with me, I suddenly got a kiss on the cheek! I turned surprised my head and saw a real kissing mouth and then I got one on the mouth too! WAU! (Mette 30/10-07)

She knows entirely who is FAR and calls me Mamma. When we say Linnea she tries to mimic Lijja (?) And the image of the grandmother (mormor) became “mårmu” … the images are fun but not so long that there is sufficient time to tell all the names …. the next may be the grandmother  (farmor) … it is really fun to see the “sponge” she is, just taking in all the information … … (Mette 30/10-07)

Oh such a long wait till you arrive in Copenhagen 🙂 (Grandma (M) 30/10-07)

Every time we meet new people we learn words that Linnea can say in Chinese: Ba BAI she says when she wants to come up to me and it means “big hug”. Guao guao mean sleepy and that she was today at the end of the journey. (Mette 31/10)

She has temperament and foster family said it was because she is a arries. But so am I … … .. (Mette 31/10)

Yesterday we played a game in which Hans and I kisses each infront of her. Then she kisses me on the mouth and then even Hans got one. He is now OK her FAR! (Mette 31/10)

Wow! she’s my grand child (Grandma (M) 31/10)

Grandma (dads mom) also look photos, enlarge, prints, and mail them to aunt Pia (Grandma (D) 31/10)

I enjoy your writing once a day – but if you wrote twice a day it would be ok! 🙂
And now I can say ON THURSDAY!! (Grandma (M) 31/10)

It is a bit difficult for us adults who are not used to sleep so long and in these rock beds. Now we understand why the Chinese are making so much morning exercise, the whole body is aiking and several parts have fallen asleep …. (Mette 1 / 11)

Linneas eyelashes that are about  1 cm long.  Everyone watching them and yesterday I was told that Chinese not have long eyelashes and everything in this country means something: Long eyelashes = VERY wise! And it is our daughter, of course! Soon, she can say Linnea and Farmu, she said it once! “Mälk” (milk) and “ble” (daiper) are other words, she mimics.  She understood when we say “come”. (Mette 1 / 11)

You probably sit on the stone bed and write, it’s better as a desktop than a bed. (Bosse 1 / 11)

We just want to thank you for all the greetings we received – they are worth gold when you sit like this on the other side of the earth! (Mette 3 / 11)

But It is not 100% great to have children. Only 98% .. (Britt 3 / 11)

The kid has soon worn down her shoes! Ha! Ha! But she is tired! (Mette 5 / 11)

See you in 74 hours! (Grandma (M) 8 / 11)

Well it was all I had for this and the last time from China. Next time are when we meet with some of you in Copenhagen (Mette 7 / 11)

Yes, see you soon, I hope I can sleep  – all the excitement!. (Grandma (M) 7 / 11)

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